What is the GSA Phone Bridge?

The GSA phone bridge is a place where men and women gather in a “virtual” room on the telephone to share their experience, strength, and hope as it relates to GreySheet abstinence. Our purpose is to remain abstinent and help other compulsive overeaters to achieve abstinence. Our meeting leaders are all abstinent 90 days or more on the GreySheet. There are over 75 meetings per week many times throughout the day (Schedule Inside). The topics vary, and include: Beginners Meetings, Relapse and Recovery Meetings, Qualification Meetings, Big Book Meetings, 12 & 12 Meetings, As Bill Sees It Meetings, Came to Believe Meetings, Step Meetings and Traditions Meetings.  Standard Long Distance charges will apply. Come and join us!

Phone Meeting Guidelines:

  1. When connecting to the bridge, you come in muted.
  2. Press *1, to un-mute, and *1 to mute again.
  3. It is important to keep yourself muted at all times unless you are sharing.
  4. When you are sharing please give your area code and first three digits of your phone number.
  5. By Group Conscience, the Leader is empowered to interrupt to address distractions including foul language.
  6. We do not mention specific foods by name and we only reference AA Conference-Approved Literature.
  7. Please no cross talk (speaking positively or negatively about a previous share). We want all to feel welcome and to avoide the impression of being exclusive or critical.

View our Printable Meeting Schedule.